Dave Lowe,James Cate: Squirrel Boy vs. the Squirrel Hunter

Squirrel Boy vs. the Squirrel Hunter


Walter Kettle is just an ordinary boy until he is bitten on the bottom by a radioactive squirrel. From that moment, whenever he eats a nut, Walter Kettle becomes...Squirrel Boy! With the help of his ferocious elderly neighbour, Mrs Onions, Walter finds himself fighting crime and this hilarious new series for 6-10s about a totally unlikely superhero. After recovering from his recent gruesome battle with the Bogeyman, Squirrel Boy is called back into action and forced to face his most fearsome foe: the Squirrel Hunter. The Squirrel Hunter has been terrorising squirrels in the local park, but the squirrel tail he most wants to nail to his wall is Walter's. Will Walter be able to save the rapidly depleting squirrel population and, most importantly, his own skin? Ilustrated in comics style panels by Cate James.

Two victims - one dead, one missing. Even the Dead is a visceral, gritty and cinematic thriller from Benjamin Black. Every web has a spider sitting at the centre of it. Pathologist Quirke is back working in the city morgue, watching over Dublin's dead. When a body is found in a burnt-out car, Quirke is called in to verify the apparent suicide of an up-and-coming civil servant. But Quirke can't shake a Squirrel Boy vs. the Squirrel Hunter free pdf suspicion of foul play.The only witness has vanished, every trace of her wiped away. Piecing together her disappearance, Quirke finds himself drawn into the shadowy world of Dublin's elite - secret societies and high church politics, corrupt politicians and men with money to lose. When the trail eventually leads to Quirke's own family, the past and present collide. But crimes of the past are supposed to stay hidden, and Quirke has shaken the web.Now he must wait to see what comes running out.'Addiction, morbid sexual obsession, blackmail and murder, as well as prose as crisp as a winter's morning by the Liffey ...Quirke is human enough to swell the hardest of hearts''Quirke is an endearing hero and the Dublin of the 1950s - wet, cold, foggy, sinister - is evoked with harsh realism and nostalgia' The Times.

Author: Dave Lowe,James Cate
Number of Pages: 140 pages
Published Date: 07 May 2015
Publisher: Phoenix Yard Books
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781907912733
Download Link: Click Here


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